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Like fun word games like Scrabble or crosswords? 

Word Blitz is the best free online word game on Facebook!

Play with friends Play with friends!  Up to 4 players in each game.

Challenge Facebook friends ​​​Challenge your Facebook friends, or play single-player mode against Whirr-D the robot.

Get the highest score Get the highest score, as fast as you can, racing your opponent.

This free online game is fun! Free online word games have never been so much fun!

Word Blitz is a popular online word game that's free to play.  In Word Blitz you use letter tiles to make words, just like playing Scrabble or doing a crossword, but you're racing against other players and the clock.

​Word Blitz has a single player mode, or you can play live, or challenge your Facebook friends to a game. 

For extra fun, use Power-Ups to freeze your opponent's board, deal yourself a wild card, extend play time, and much more.

​Board games and word puzzles are fun, but only with Word Blitz can you play live with your friends, challenge them to beat your score, or play solo.

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Razoo Games

Razoo Games is the creator of Word Blitz, the best word game on Facebook.